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  • Dual Colors Single Point source LED

  • Circadian Rhythm of Light 2800K - 5700K during different time

  • Available in 18.5W and 13.5W for 75W and 50W halogen equivalent 

  • Enclosed fixture compatibility

  • Tunable White with Narrow Beam Angle

  • AC/DC 12V input

  • Thermal protection – Auto dim-down

CIRCAMAN - AR111 - G53


Human Centric Lighting is now available for thoughtful retail, hospitality and care applications such as restaurant, shops, showrooms, homes, and museums.

Our lamps give uniquely superior light with different whites and brightness levels synchronized with the natural circadian rhythms. The Human Centric Circadian Light aligns automatically and can improve well-being, comfort, satisfaction and life quality.

Smooth transition color tuning technology ensure color and brightness changes are subtle and not noticeable. The lamps are designed with high lumen maintenance and excellent color consistency.

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  • Available multi-beam angle selection 10°/15°/24°/38°/10°x60°/30°x60°

  • Selectable CCT - 2800K/3000K/3500K/4000K/4500K/5000K/5700K​

  • Dimmable PWM Control

  • Standalone system – No Wi-fi needed

  • Optional Remote Control or Android Apps

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CIRCAMAN - AR111 G53  18.5W  2800K - 5700K CRI90

Download document.png
Download document.png

CIRCAMAN - AR111 G53  13.5W  2800K - 5700K CRI90

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Download document.png
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