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2024 Product Catalogue

Circadian Lighting for Human


What is circadian lighting?

Humans are created for a circadian rhythm, a 24-hour internal clock, with day and night.  The area of the brain called the hypothalamus, keeping your body in homeostasis as much as possible. It controls each person circadian rhythm and plays an important role of providing hormones to your body.  Like controlling the amount of melatonin released to correlate your wake/sleep cycle: sleepiness when darkness and alertness with lightness.

A healthy circadian rhythm is associated with improved long-term health and helps promote better sleep at night, allowing our brains to repair our bodies as well as our minds.

The Circadian Light can help to create an optimal natural lighting environment.  With the right light intensity at the right time of the day, it can correct a disturbed circadian rhythm. It helps to synchronize the body’s circadian rhythm, to produce the necessary hormones to your body, like melatonin, to keep your body healthier and in balance.

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With the right light intensity at the right time of the day

Benefits of Circadian Lighting for Human Health


  • Exert an alerting affect to our brain

  • Higher visual acuity, improve concentration, memory consolidation during the study

  • Faster cognitive processing



  • Stronger immune system

  • Improve metabolism, blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature

  • Less stress



  • Improve emotional wellbeing and mood

  • Reduce fatigues

  • Reduce hyperactivity

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Benefit of Circadian Lighting for Commercial / Retail segments

Mood and Comfort

  • Provide nature and comfortable environment

  • Energized in relaxed atmosphere

  • Improve emotional wellbeing and mood


Customer Satisfaction

  • Maintain a beneficial relationship with visitors or clients

  • Boost customer dwell time and increase customer satisfaction

  • Generate more sales


Boost Productivity

  • Optimize production

  • Increases staff energy, performance and alertness

  • Improve staff retention


Image by Toa Heftiba

Various dining experiences.

Fashion boutique

Show real colors at real time.

Image by Clark Street Mercantile
Image by Van Thanh


Boost sales and dwell time.


Improves work performance and productivity

Image by Deanna J


A different vision during the day.

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